Najeh Online

Additional Services



SmartWay takes care of the Moodle LMS application service for everyone who needs it, because some customers find it difficult to download or apply learning management systems, or some of them find it difficult to deal with Moodle in general, so our role here is to provide them with full assistance so that they can benefit from the system


In Najeh system, we seek to hold many partnerships with the largest companies to make this partnership in the interest of the educational process for our customers, such as our partnership with Zoom, as integration combines the advantages of each company to complement each other and achieve the highest benefit


At Smart Way, we seek to provide all the customer’s requirements and the special features that he desires according to the requirements of his institution. We provide a service with fixed advantages or characteristics, but the customer is the one who determines and we implement it


Some sites or educational platforms do not find a server that hosts their site and stores their data securely, or they find it difficult to deal with it. We at Smart Way provide you with high-quality e-hosting space on our server, as our servers are equipped and qualified for e-learning systems, and you will not have to worry about it with us


Our services do not stop with you until you apply the system to your educational platform and configure it according to your needs. Rather, we follow up with you the process of operating the system on your educational platform, to help you solve any problem you face so that you can run things correctly


If you are having trouble using learning management software, don’t worry. We offer you the service of training users on Najeh system and downloading it or using it in general, and our role in this service is to train everyone who needs to learn to use learning management programs, where the training is done at the highest level and the highest quality, to bring the user to safety for him