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Published: 02/19/2021
Installations: 3434
Version: 3

The module lets you import and export Bitrix24 CRM data into SendPulse email service and synchronize this data between SendPulse and Bitrix24.

Module features:

· Import from SendPulse to Bitrix24 CRM
· Export from Bitrix24 CRM to SendPulse
· You can manually subscribe/unsubscribe clients in Bitrtix24 CRM to/from SendPulse mailing lists
· Automatic synchronization of new leads, contacts and companies from Bitrix24 CRM to SendPulse mailing lists.

You can specify which email address (personal or business) should be used for email marketing. You can also sel ect which fields fr om leads, contacts or companies will be exported to SendPulse. This app lets you send 15,000 messages a month free of charge.

This app is available in English, Portuguese and Russian.



Version 2 Multiple rules for synchronization with CRM now available. You can use filters by standard and user defined fields getting leads, companies and contacts). Filters also available for exporting data from CRM into SendPulse Version 1 You have to have SendPulse account before installing the app. The app allows you to: 1. Create mailing lists from Bitrix24 CRM contact details (Leads, Contacts, Companies). 2. Import structured data from SendPulse (workgoups/department). 3. Manually subscribe/unsubscribe clients in Bitrix24 CRM to/from SendPulse mailing lists. 4. Automatic synchronization between Bitrix24 CRM and SendPulse.

Technical support is available 24/7 If you've got any questions regarding this app, contact us by email -

This app requires having an active SendPulse account. If you do not have one, you can register here. Run the installation wizard, following each step, then go to the service settings, to the "API" tab. Copy the data from "Client ID" and "Secret" fields and paste it into the corresponding fields in Bitrix24. Click "Save". After the automatic page refresh you'll see your data from SendPulse.