Course Plan & Time Table

This feature is concerned with the preparation of the course from the beginning of the development of the study plan for the syllabus, the explanation, and the distribution of lessons according to the study schedule and the appropriate time period for completing the course. As for the academic schedule, it shows the time and date of the classes according to the division of the course in the plan

Course Design

The course is designed according to its academic content and the appropriate method for sequencing lessons and explanation, as well as according to the method that suits the teacher and students. The design of the course is not limited to that, there is the possibility of choosing the course format, as there is a weekly, topical and social format, etc.

The appropriate space is chosen for the course activities and grades: conversations, forums, glossary, assignments, assignments, etc. Any updates or changes to the course are displayed on the course home page since the user entered the system.

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Test Bank

We have a wide range of questions that are used in our rigorous assessment process, where scores are calculated automatically or manually by the teacher. There are also many options and advantages for the tests: such as placing time-limited tests within an internal window or independent of the system, the student can also know the teacher’s impression of their answers immediately, and the teacher can switch questions to prevent cheating

There are different types of questions we have, there are multiple-choice questions, there are short-answer questions, there are essay questions, there are true-false questions, there are single-answer questions and there are multiple-answer questions, as well as implicit questions. We have the flexibility to use the bank’s questions within the same course or for different courses, where it is possible to use the existing questions for the same course, or to use questions from a bank of questions for another course and from another different section as well

Digital library

We have a wide variety of educational resources to enrich the courses: more than 800 interactive learning items from the Edumedia library We also have more than 1.6 million educational resources (images, audio and videos) from the Edutone library A virtual laboratory from the Phet library that contains More than 300 science experiments, and more than 675 educational games in arts, sciences and computers from the E-learning 4 kids library

Virtual Classroom

In Najeh Online, we give schools the ability to create electronic virtual classes, which include both students and the teacher, with user interfaces that suit each of them (the user interface for the teacher and the student), these virtual classes help to raise the quality of education and combine the advantages of traditional and modern methods


The games feature is an interactive feature that activates students’ minds and motivates them towards learning. It is one of the methods of active learning. It also renews students’ activity in the class and ignites the spirit of good competition between students and their colleagues

Types of games in Najeh

We have several types of educational and entertaining games, which is the arithmetic quiz game: it is about creating arithmetic quizzes with a specific time. A course presentation game: It is about creating a presentation with interactive slides. There is also a memory game, which is a game that relies on memory to pair pictures with their matches


We have a special attendance department that works hard to follow up the attendance and absence of students and staff, and create reports and alerts regarding the matter, due to our interest in the quality of the educational process on the platform, and the quality of the educational process starts from the users’ interest in attendance, and also on time without delay

Attendance management features

Attendance management has several characteristics, namely: tracking the student’s attendance to class and delaying it, following up the student by the teacher or the administration, linking the attendance record directly to the student’s record, assigning attendance, absence and delay points in the student’s grades record, the possibility of analyzing student attendance data, the possibility of identifying the students present and absentees, the ability to share attendance records with parents, create daily, weekly or monthly reports regarding the attendance of students or employees, send automatic alerts to parents about the attendance of their children to follow their behavior on the platform

Points and behaviors

In Najeh, we allocate a separate service with points, which is one of the evaluation methods, the aim of which is to distinguish the hard-working students from others, as well as to raise the efficiency of the platform and follow up on performance and behaviors, and these points are linked to all student behaviors and performance on the platform. It is also one of the ways to motivate the student to continue learning with effort and love

The points are positive and negative, as we give points to the student who attends classes on time and solves tests and questions correctly, and in return we deduct points from his points balance in the event of his absence, delay or any incorrect behavior. These points are determined by our Administrators team

Reporting and analysis

The reports department is one of the most important departments we have, because it is the first indicator of the quality of the educational process and the success of the institution. Therefore, we are interested in issuing accurate and detailed reports regarding the behavior and performance of all users on the platform, including students, teachers, managers, supervisors and parents. It is also interested in presenting the users’ experience through the work Comprehensive questionnaires, analysis of their results, and issuance of reports on them

The Report Department is also concerned with analyzing the results of the various evaluation methods such as tests, points, questionnaires, and others, in order to provide accurate reports with correct indicators and results. Order a trial now and see for yourself

Machine learning

Because we are keen to fill all the gaps, we have provided a new feature, Machine-learning, which is one of the advantages associated with the analysis process for learning on the electronic platform. It is algorithms used to detect things that we cannot know through reports

Examples of machine learning

We can monitor a statistic for students at risk of dropping out, which is impossible to know through regular reports, so we resort to these algorithms to reveal it to us. We can also develop new analyzes based on this feature to be able to detect any hidden matter so that we can solve any problem and advance the educational process

Hierarchy structure and roles

Najeh system is characterized by providing the feature of hierarchy of roles or what is known as the hierarchical structure, which is a feature related to the organization and arrangement of roles on the platform, where we get a specific arrangement through this structure, and we can by knowing the powers, arrangement and authority of each role in the structure

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Mobile app

Because we know how necessary the smartphone is, and no one can dispense with it, we have provided you with a sophisticated mobile application, so that the user can continue the educational process at any time and from anywhere. This application supports the feature of working in the interruption of the Internet, so that the educational process is not disrupted under any circumstances, and it also contains all the features on the site in a view that fits all mobile screens of different types

Advantages of the mobile app

The advantages of our mobile application are many, and they are considered similar to the features of the system on the website. Among these advantages: a design that responds to all types of smart phones, the ability to upload a profile picture, messaging and chatting service, displaying course resources, smart calendar, quick access to the contents of the courses, the ability to browse and upload your files to the system, the possibility of self-registration in courses Access to activity links, quizzes, and many more

See Najeh Online in action!

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